We Are Layer 3 Sound

Our company’s belief is simple: world class audio production for radio just needs the right blend of elements. Use the best equipment to mix the sharpest copy with top voice talent, using the finest radio production skills; that will guarantee content that cuts through any broadcast, no matter what the format.

Since 2007, we've applied this mix of elements to a variety of productions: from one-off 30” radio commercials to entire campaigns; from simple telephone on-hold message to sound design for product launches.

As well as pure audio production, our services include translation and a one-stop voiceover shop, which includes some of the country's best known voices.

Since day one, Layer 3 Sound has pledged itself to a simple motto: we’re taking a stand against bad production:

Because “good enough” just isn’t good enough.

Layer 3 Sound 2013 | Layer 3 Sound is a certified Level 4 BBBEE contributor